Earn $50 per referral

In just 30 seconds, you can help your homeowners get their TECH water heater rebate by referring them to OhmConnect!

Plus, you can offer a way for them to save money and earn rewards for saving energy. It’s free for them, and it only takes 2 minutes to join. And, just 1 referral a day is $1,000 in referrals per month at $50 each.

Start referring in just a few minutes!

OhmConnect is a free service that rewards residents to use less energy during peak times plus save energy and money.


Just enter your name and email to create your referral account - it's quick and easy.


Customers can sign up in under 2 minutes to join the OhmConnect demand response program that will pay them to save energy. Plus, they can get their SGIP water heater rebate by joining!


Not only can you get $50 for each referral, but you can track your progress along the way as your referrals sign up for OhmConnect.

Benefits & Bonuses

What's in it for you?

$50 commission for each referral — you could earn thousands of dollars

It takes 1 minute to create your account and 1 minute to refer

Get access to track your referral sign ups

What's in it for your customer?

Get the SGIP water heater rebate after joining OhmConnect

Earn cash and rewards for saving energy when it matters most

Ultimately, lower your electricity bill by reducing energy when prices spike in your neighborhood

Got questions?
We’ve got answers:

Keyboard with a key named refer a friend as symbol for a tip for OhmConnect savings

Program Rules

If you can think of a way to refer someone to OhmConnect, it’s probably awesome! But there are a few details to note: OhmConnect currently is available only to residents of California, Texas and New York and meet other requirements.

Also, the following are prohibited:

  • Creating multiple or fake accounts
  • Referring a person more than once
  • Signing someone up without their permission

We reserve the right to change referral rewards at any time. Find full terms and conditions for the Referral Program here.

Earn $1,000 per Month from Referrals

In just 30 seconds, you can offer a way for homeowners to save money and earn rewards. It’s free, and it only takes 2 minutes to join. Just 1 referral a day is $1,000 in referrals per month!